UMR Journal -- V. H. McNutt Colloquium Series

UMR Journal -- V. H. McNutt Colloquium Series

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01 Apr 1968


The distinguished authors of these tectonic studies, which span the United States from the Atlantic continental shelf margin to the Pacific coast, need no introduction to the geologic profession. Each was selected as a participant in the V. H. McNutt-Geology Department Colloquium because of his intimate knowledge and thorough research on the tectonic development of the area on which he reports. The authors publicly presented their papers during the Spring of 1966 on the campus of the University of Missouri at Rolla (formerly University of Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy). The colloquium volume is unique in that such a distinguished group could be assembled and that each would consent to prepare his oral report for publication.

The “Geologic and Crustal Cross Section of the United States Along the 37th Parallel,'* published in 1965 by W. Hamilton and L. C. Pakiser as United States Geological Survey Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations Map 1-448, gives a broad geological and geophysical interpretation of the upper mantle and crust. The detailed reports and excellent illustrations in this volume should add needed details to the above generalized section and should lead to a better understanding of the tectonic development of this portion of the North American continent. Hopefully, the study can be used by the geologic profession and students as a reference.

Publication of these studies as the initial contribution of a continuing colloquium series is the culmination of the efforts and contributions of many people. Foremost among them is Mrs. V. H. McNutt, of Gallagher Ranch, San Antonio, Texas. The colloquium series has been made possible through her generosity and love for the Geology Department of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy. In memory of Vachel Harry McNutt, student and former faculty member of the school, her husband and partner in developing the oil and mineral resources of the United States, and discoverer of the great potash deposits at Carlsbad, New Mexico, she named the Geology Department as beneficiary of the one million dollar V. H. McNutt Memorial it'oundation, the income to be used by the department.

Members of the V. H. McNutt Committee hope that this publication will be one way of helping the geologic profession benefit from some of the material wealth obtained by V. H. McNutt during his career through his practical understanding and use of geologic structures and stratigraphy.

The V. H. McNutt Committee --1966
T. R. Beveridge
D. L. Frizzell
R. E. Morgan
P. D. Proctor, Chairman
A. C. Spreng

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