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Publication Date

Spring 2022


The Guild members looked around the Glass Shop and considered the items that we recycle or that must be disposed of when their useful life has expired. And of course, we thought the Trashion clothing must definitely include GLASS!

Our ensemble will include a sleeveless jumper or long tunic made from empty polyolfin bags that our cullet was shipped in. The front of the tunic will have a bejeweled area. Fused scrap glass “gems” will be glued to the surface jumper. Fused scrap glass “gems” are made by fusing pieces of broken scrap glass in a kiln at 800°C.

A split front tunic jacket will be worn over the sleeveless tunic. The support fabric will be from scrap Tyvek or a discarded shell. Wine bottles will be sliced into rings with a diamond saw, then heated to 800°C in a kiln and fused into slumped rings with smooth edges. These rings will be sewn on to the body and arms of the jacket so they can move and create sound. Edges of the sleeves and the neckline will be finished with fringe created from plastic bags.

Used foot coverings will be surface finished with fused glass gems. To top off the ensemble used safety equipment will be transformed into more fashionable accessories and worn. Grey tint OTG safety glasses will have glass gems added to the frame and used Kevlar arm guards will customized into fingerless gloves.

Team Members

  • Thomas “Trevor” Stefanski -- Aerospace Engineering
  • John Heuer -- Biological Sciences
  • Jordan Porter -- Computer Science
  • Neil Bruhn -- Aerospace Engineering
  • Makayla Gamiel -- Ceramic Engineering
  • Edward Fleishman -- Ceramic Engineering

Advisor: Mary Reidmeyer

Prize Awarded

3rd Place


Design of the top and tunic (click on image to enlarge it)

Design for Top and Tunic