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Publication Date

Spring 2022


We are team Career Opportunities and Employer Relations otherwise known as “COER”. For our design we decided to incorporate the professional style of the COER sponsored Career Fair. This inspiration led us to creating a design for a professional suit with a skirt, shirt, blazer, and additional accessories. All ideas in this statement have been started and are only subject to minor changes as our design progresses.

The materials we plan to utilize are also all inspired by the Career Opportunities and Employer Relations office. This includes the discarded name tags, maps, name tag stickers, and recycled fabrics from various Career Fairs that have been donated to the trashion show COER team. We believe these materials represent the enthusiasm in S&T’s students and the large amount of work they do to become career ready.

We plan to piece our design together through a variety of techniques. We mod-podged and super glued the recycled stickers and shoes together. We used a combination of staples, super glue, and left-over hot glue to create sheets of name tags and career fair maps to create the shirt, skirt, and blazer.

Our artistic vision is to link Missouri S&T students and employers by using recycled COER materials from our department and the MST career fair to create our career fair appropriate attire. The skirt and blazer combination is a timeless look that will aid in supplying MST students with amazing career advancing opportunities.

Team Members

  • Dana Schath -- Civil/Architectural Engineering
  • Alex Gubera -- Business and Management Systems
  • Samantha Buchanan -- Chemistry

Prize Awarded

2nd Place
The People’s Choice Award


Additional views of the clothing

COER top

COER shoes and skirt