A Taste of Rolla: The Chancellor's Table

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John and I have the unique opportunity to live in this wonderful memory-filled home built in 1889 called the Chancellor's Residence. We want to thank FOR and those who purchase this book as well as those who contributed the recipes to make this book possible. We hope you enjoy it. The proceeds from our first The Chancellor's Table enabled us to purchase a beautiful solid cherry dining table that will expand to seat 22, a lovely matching china cabinet to display some of the beautiful heirloom gifts that friends and alumni have given to the Residence, a matching expanding serving cabinet, and matching chairs. We use them very often and thank you for helping us with this beautiful purchase that will be in the Residence for years to come. The proceeds from this Vol. II of The Chancellor's Table will be used to provide needed furnishings for the Residence without taking funds from the University budget. This frees University funds to be used for student support and academic programs. We believe so strongly that the University is actively moving forward in developing tomorrow's leaders and want to make the best use of our funds. Thank you for your help .... and happy cooking! - Dorcas Park



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University of Missouri--Rolla

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Rolla, Missouri


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A Taste of Rolla: The Chancellor's Table Volume II