Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Fall 2021


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--Literary Works

4 Bottled up by Jack Morgan

6 Good Bugs by Denise Baker

7 To My Mother by Victoria Smith

8 Under Construction by Agnes Vojta

8 Dr. Pepper by Samuel Malita

9 How to Lose One's Mind by Jesse Krokower

11 Six Word Stories by Various Authors

15 Untitled by Judy Jacobs

16 Blackbird by Kenneth Naumann

17 Five Years Out by Tage Young

18 The Isle of Talos by Richard Gorzel

20 Lists by Kelly Tate

23 Fortunate Magnolia by Agnes Vojta

24 Sognore by Ethan Snyder

25 Bees by Dylan Volland

25 A Horse to Water by Richard Gorzel

28 How to Get a Job by Marcos Buznego

29 How to be a Daughter for your Mom

31 Leaves by Dylan Oneal

36 Untitled by Abbigail Ely

39 Styrofoam by Jodie Hermann

40 Castle by Victoria Smith

40 The High Road by Richard Gorzel

41 Untitled by Grace Deiser

44 Fridge by Marcos Buznego

45 The Psychopomp by Dylan Oneal

46 How to Become a Softball Player by Jodie Hermann

47 Belief by Abdullah Al Moinee

--Visual Arts

Front Page: Once Upon a Fall by Kari Knobbe

Inside Front: Gratified Community Pool by Jay Clark

5 A lure tied for fly fishing by Michael Vancardo

5 Sunflower by Kassandra Hayes

6 Photography 55mm by K. Taylor Bosworth

10 Melody of the Fireflies by Zoe Reed

12 A Trip to the Riceworld by Gladwin Bryan Labrague

13 Skipping Rocks by Kassandra Hayes

14 Come on In by Jay Clark

15 Untitled by Rose Doty

19 Ferris Wheel by Kassandra Hayes

21 9" x 12" by K. Taylor Bosworth

22 Cat Nap by Christina Arens

26 Orange Fish by Kassandra Hayes

30 Entrance to the Past by Jay Clark

37 Sleeping Beauty by Zoe Reed

38 Mahlstedt Ranch Inc. by Meghan Mauldin

39 Signs of Past Life by Jay Clark

42 Lion Fish by Kassandra Hayes

42 Sacred Solitude by Kari Knobbe

43 Makoshika State Park by Meghan Mauldin

43 Untitled by Rose Doty

47 The monarchs are here! by Linda Sands

Inside Back: Female Jo Miner by Anonymous

Back Cover: Tall and Proud by Jay Clark


Southwinds is a literary and arts magazine published annually in the spring semester to showcase the creative work of Missouri University of Science and Technology students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Cover Page Footnote

Southwinds wishes to thank the Dean and the Leadership Council of the Dean, College of Arts, Sciences, and Business, the Missouri S&T Student Activity Finance Board, the Department of English and Technical Communication, Leann Light, Jesse Singleton, and Bea Bonebrake at the S&T Printing and Mail Services.

Publication Date

Fall 2021



The Southwinds Team

Gladwin Labrague, President
Tage Young, Vice President
Aidan Norris, Representative
Abdullah Al Moinee, Treasurer
Andreas Elinas, Secretary
Kayleigh Hines, Representative

Faculty Advisor

Mathew Goldberg, Missouri University of Science and Technology