Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Spring 2012


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-- Written Works

That Little Place Just Over the Rainbow Christopher Sample

I Think There's Something Out There Tim Arrington

Seeking the Sun Christopher Stuart

A Life to Dream Zachary Berends- Torres

Valentine Confessions Mondde Atughonu

A Life to Dream Zachary Berends-Torres

The Warm Window Tim Arrington

Elsewhere Alyssa Bryant

Frozen Zachary Berends-Torres

The Fate of the Argos Jason Thrasher

A Life to Dream Zachary Berends- Torres

Whole Alyssa Bryant

Nostalgia Tim Arrington

Bonfire John Morgan

Photons Alyssa Bryant

What Does it Take Tim Arrington

January Love Song Gene Doty

These John Morgan

Broken Dreams and Demons Kiara Shank

MTV Tim Arrington

What If Zachary Berends- Torres

White Flag Christopher Sample

Front Cover: Writer's Vision William Morris

Back Cover: Fairytale France Nathan Szanto

-- Visual Works

Seeing Spots Hannah Barber

At the Top Nathan Szanto

The Unknown David Pohlman

Road to Pilatus Nathan Szanto

Love Michelle Pearson

Hanging Flower David Pohlman

Lonely David Pohlman

Tree Nathan Szanto

Liberty Bridge Nathan Szanto

Closeup of Gusset Plate LeAnn Helling

Swirls and Curls Michelle Pearson

Mountain-Sized Puddle Nathan Szanto

In the Clouds Nathan Szanto

Fragile Flyer Hannah Barber

Mustang David Pohlman

Kingdom Mesa Alek Miller

Unicycle David Pohlman

Between a Rock and a Hard Place Hannah Barber

Quartet David Pohlman

Peacock Hiren Patel

Home Away from Home Hannah Barber

A Miiveszet Nathan Szanto

Over the Bridge Michelle Pearson

Against All Odds Hannah Barber

Alley in Basse! Nathan Szanto

Thunderbird David Pohlman

Cascade Hannah Barber

On the Tracks Nathan Szanto


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Staff of Southwinds

Tim Arrington, Vice President
Jessie Hahn, Editor-in-Chief
William Morris
Ruth Pratt
Matt Tantillo, Secretary
James Veerkamp, Treasurer
Alex Womack

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anne Cotterill