Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Spring 2010


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--Written Works

Braids by Kelsey Freedline

Sunday School Lesson by Gene Doty

Wipeout by James Bogan

To Taste Salt by Jessie Hahn

I Am From by Zach Burke

Where He Sleeps at Night by Zach Burke

Perception by Forrest Carithers

Submerged by Trista Ann Bruning

Requiem by Kala Thomson

If I Were to Become a Tree by Brandon Angus Mikel

Icarus by Jason Thrasher

Clockwork Automatons in Military Roles by Jason Thrasher

Connect by Elaine Hines

Blanket by Jenn Burton

Delight of Larks by Gene Doty

Gone by Elaine Hines

Winter’s Wrath by Jason Thrasher

Invasion by Jenn Burton

Angel Wings by Kala Thomson

The Tree by Justin Schlechte

Face Paint by Anusha Mannava

Sad Girl by Courtney Hawkins


Untitled by Corey Gooch

Buddha Jailed by Manoj Krishna

Summertime Nostalgia by Catie Josten

Streets with No Name by Manoj Krishna

…To Grandfather's House We Go by Joseph Cohn

Retired Car by Yousf Ali Albozidi

Morning Dew by Catie Josten

Newport Beach Pier by Joseph Cohn

Flamigo - Be Flexible by Yousf Ali Albozidi

Golden Inspiration by Catie Josten

Arch of St. Louis by Manoj Krishna

Capture by Yousf Ali Albozidi

Escher Stainrs by Alicia Bradley

Desiccating Heat in Gleeson by Joseph Cohn

Reposed by Joseph Cohn

Thirty Seconds to Taif by Omar S. Al-Amody

Preparation for Glory at Sebring by Joseph Cohn

Hands by Alicia Bradley

Haystacks by Alicia Bradley

St. Louis Arch by Nichole Podhorsky

Heaven’s Corridor by Manoj Krishna

Tiny Cherries by David Erdos

Almost to California by Omar S. Al-Amody

Days Gone By by Catie Josten


Front Cover: Norwood Hall in the Fall by Christie Koch

Back Cover: The Red Riding Hood Cottage by Manoj Krishna


THE LITERARY AND ARTS MAGAZINE OF MISSOURI UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SPRING 2010 Southwinds is sponsored by the Department of English & Technical Communication



Staff of Southwinds

Jason Thrasher, Editor-in-Chief
Jenn Burton
Alicia Bradley
Jessie Hahn

Faculty Advisor

Professor Mathew Goldberg, filling in while Dr. Anne Cotterill is in England

Dr. Anne Cotterill During the spring 2010 semester, she is teaching in London in the Missouri-London study abroad program