Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Spring 2008


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Table of Contents

Moon Guidance – Lucy Myers

Across Seemingly Virgin Countryside – Jason Thrasher

I Once Saw An Evil Man – Matt Rodriguez

The air, now sharp – Clea Neff

View from a Microscope – J. G. Story

God Forsaken Creatures – Lance Feyh

Lost Dreams – Matt Rodriguez

In the Current – Clea Neff

The Morning Mist – Luce Myers

untitled – Jerrod Keith

the question of time – Dennis Trulli

Blue Morning – Jennie Ziverk Carr

What Will it Take? – Luce Myers

Some Blindly See – Jason Thrasher

Dreaming of You – Matt Keppler

Arrow from a Cellphone – Jordon Crowe

Staring – Jennie Ziverk Carr

In the Heart of the Jungle of Stones-Sao Paolo – James Bogan

São Paulo –No coração de selva de pedras – James Bogan

Roman Wheels – J. G. Story

Return to Normalcy – Jordon Crowe

Lament of a Modern Renaissance Man – Zack Christensen

The Hospital – Jennie Ziverk Carr

A Digital Manifesto – Max Tohline

untitled –Sam Coulson

Good Man Benjamin Speaking well – Jordon Crowe

What’s Left – Clea Neff

untitled – Summer Howard

The Mountain Climber – LeAnn Helling

Siegfried – Jason Thrasher

Confession – Clea Neff

Lost to me – LeAnn Helling

Beware the White Feather – Jason Thrasher

Braceface – Jordon Crowe

How I Know – LeAnn Helling

Two Vials of Poison – Jacob Lott

Sleeping, Waking Words – Luce Myers

Stolen – Jennie Ziverk Carr

Move – Zack Christensen

Table of Images

“Gladys” – Jordan Varble

“Kissing Stones” – Jennie Ziverk Carr

“Bridge” – Paul Magaha

“Bike Shadow” – Jennie Ziverk Carr

“Smokeyhead” – Jennie Ziverk Carr

“Elephant Rocks” – Jennie Ziverk Carr

“Elk” – Joseph Cohn

“Blue Woman” – Jennie Ziverk Carr

“Farm” – Jordan Varble

“March of the Caterpillars” – Jordon Crowe

“Cave” – Joseph Cohn

“Statue” – Joseph Cohn

“Mountains” – Jordan Varble

“From my Seat” – Jennie Ziverk Carr

“Child” – Jordan Varble

“Macaw” – Jordan Varble

“Swings” – Paul Magaha

“Monkey” – Jordan Varble

“utitled” – Joseph Cohn

“Colorado Valley” – LeAnn Helling

"Grave” – Joseph Cohn

“DP” – Paul Magaha

“Journey” – Erin Cotita

“Rodeo” – Jordan Varble

"Creature” – Erin Cotita


THE LITERARY MAGAZINE OF MISSOURI UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SPRING 2008 Southwinds is a collection of artistic works from members of the Missouri University. of Science and Technology.



Staff of Southwinds

Jennie Ziverk Carr, Design Coordinator
Zack Christensen, Layout Editory
Erin Cotita
Sam Coulson, Copy Editor
Jordon Crowe, Editor in Chief
LeAnn Helling
Clea Neff, Events Coordinator

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anne Cotterill