Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Spring 2007


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Table of Contents

"Write Something" by James Bogan

-- Creation

A Word on Inspiration by Jose Rodriguez

Sonnet vs. Villanelle by Max Tohline

Publish or Perish by Andrew Careaga

Poetry for Physicists byEmmett Redd

CUT! by Max Tohline

Pianist by Carl Vogliardo

-- Memoirs

Fish Photo by LeAnn Helling

Strangers by Joseph Siebert

Untitled (2004) by Tabitha Modesitt

The Spiral Ledger by Greg Story

My Shadow by Kristen Hoelzer

The Holy Moment by Jose Rodriguez

My Grandpa Ted by Ted Nelson

How I birthed my divorce by LeAnn Helling

Twinkle by Greg Story

Seasons by Joseph Siebert

A Summer Night by LeAnn Helling

Growing up in a university town by Kaushik Pal

-- Mysteries

Untitled by Mindy Prado

Rime of the Stormrider by Jason Thrasher

Dreaming of Reality by Joseph Siebert

A Dream So Real (2004) by Tabitha Nodesitt

Tomorrow's Fire by Chris Campbell

Sonnonnet by Max Tohline

The Rock Cave by LeAnn Helling

Reruns of Shattered Pane of Glass by Jose Rodriguez

Trail by Kristen Hoelzer

A Hero's Return by Jason Thrasher

-- Journeys

30 November 1882 by Jack Morgan


Torn by Joseph Siebert

Meditation on a Five Speed Manual Transmission by Zack Christensen

The Dark Voices of Dr. Croghan's Patients by Max Toline

Jane by Anne Cotterill

Days Between Days by Jose Rodriguez

Table of Images

"Basketball" by Joseph Cohn

"Colorado Frost" by Alan Windha

Clarinet by Zack Christensen

Stump by Brad Rigg

Stairway to Nowhere by Zack Christensen

Adobe Tiles by Alan Windhausen

Dragon by Brianna Rackmyer

Untitled by Paul Magaha

Russia 189 by Amy Edwards

Dublin Horse and His Man by Joshua Hoffman

Picture by Amy Edwards

Bld. 11 by Joshua Hoffman

"Dragon" by Jerrod Keith

"Tribal Eye" by Jarrod Keith

"Abandoned Mine" by Joseph Cohn

"Shive Hataraja" by Zack Christensen

"Untitled" by Paul Magaha

"Dragon" by Tara BryanbyGosnell

"A Mime on Pier 57" by Ian Packard

"Open Road" by Zack Christensen

"20,320 Feet" by Alan Windhausen

"Fairy Falls" by Jordan Varble

"Untitled" by Paul Magaha

"Bird of Paradise by Jordan Varble


Front Cover: "Florence" by Amy Edwards

Back Cover: "Bird of Paradise by Jordan Varble


UMR's LITERARY MAGAZINE SPRING 2007 Southwinds is a collection of artistic works from members of the University of Missouri--Rolla.



Staff of Southwinds

Max Tohline, Editor-in-Chief
LeAnn Helling
Zack Christensen
Jerrod Keith
Jordon Crowe
Jason Thrasher
Amy Edwards

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anne Cotterill