Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Spring 1988


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What if? by Mary Edwards
Flying by William S. McCrary
Hide and Seek by Angelia Moss
November Window by Mary Haynes
White Mountain Morning by Mike Sinnett
Illustration by Mike Sinnett
Another Thing by T. Scott Thompson
Tiger's Eye Ring by Richard M. Perry
College by Mary Haynes
Contentedly by Jamie Lambing
Illustration by Alicia Wolf
Thunderstorm Seen as an Event of the Central Nervous System by Gary Carson
In the UMR Library by Gary Carson
Walking Alone by Rachel Kong
The Cave by Mark Henderson
Blue Eyes by L. Tim Carter
Illustration by Rebecca Martin
She by Alan Papen
Caroline by Greg Nichelson
Why No Me? by Mary Haynes
Birth of Venus by Katherine A. Stone
Fun in the Sun by Mitch Jayne
Illustration by Karla Wagner
Shelves by Unsigned
Illustration by Theresa Emmett
Smoke Strings by Brian Scott
The Art of Sun-Setting: An Editorial Prose Poem by James Bogan
Illustration by Suresh Arunachalam
An Infinite Room by T. Scott Thompson
Channel Infinity by Gary Carson
Illustration by Diana Scantlan
I Am Candle by Mary Edwards
Darkened Gateway by Steve Rist
Illustration by Steve Rist
Waiting for Words by Ken Norris
House's Wife by Mary Edwards
Autumn in Florida by James Edward Steck
Morning Glory by Mike Sinnett



Publication Date

Spring 1988



Southwinds Staff

Carol Bullock and John Van Besien

Jamie Lambing
Christiane McLees
Rebecca Martin
Steve Rist
Danae Duffin
Angela Moerlien

Eugene Warren

Special thanks to Paul McLaughlin and John Bullock, who provided invaluable technical assistance.

And thanks to those who provided extra-literary support.
Dean Marvin Barker
Associate Dean Wayne Cogell
Mr. Bob Blaylock
The U.M.R. English Department

Southwinds 1988 is produced in Rolla, Missouri, by the Southwinds Club for the students of the University of Missouri--Rolla.