Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Spring 1979


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Summer Song by Cynthia Callahan

Christographia 38 by Eugene Warren

Celestial by Mark Haslett

Artwork by Steve Foltyn

Ozark Meandering by Jim Bogan

Artwork by Mike Nye

You Came With Summer by Margaret Menamin

First Match by Ernest Chapman

Blessing on the Firstborn by Howard Schwartz

Poems From Summer by Cynthia Callahan

Reflections by Faye Chapman

Untitled by Ruth E. Feeney

Snake Speaks of Snake Charmer by Tessa Weddison

Tessa Weddison by Linda Ponzer

With Child by Carolyn Sleigle

Corners by Carolyn Sleigle

Poem for a Poet by Jan Castro

Your Move! by Terri Barton

Unforseen Delays & Obstacles by Eric Chaet

Remembering Stu by Fred Whitehall

Fred Whitehall by Kent Boyd

I’m The Weight by Eric Chaet

Waiting by Jay Farnham

Artwork by J. Baudrexl

The All American Opium Den by Allen L. McNece

Artwork by Brad Feeney

Excerpt from Chapter I, "The Battlefield," of a novel FLEETWOOD: OR AN AMERICAN TUNE; reflections of Joseph Falcone. W. Nicholas Knight

Cut Time by Ernest Chapman

Barter by Margaret Menamin

The Free Library by Lon Pearson

Lady at Home by Ruth Ann Parker

Song for Manuel & Maria by Tom Young

Artwork by Pam Schroeter

Requiem by E. W. Lillie

Instructions for Operating a Consumer by Douglas Wixson

Artwork by Steve Foltyn

Untitled by Robert Greene

Untitled by Robert Greene

Their Smiles by Ronn Noakes

The Venus by Ronn Noakes

Between Fall and Winter by Denise Low

Artwork by Mike Nye

Cat by Ann Resh Siehr

Untitled by Doris Jane Fredman

Lion by Jim Bogan


SOUTHWINDS is published by the Greater Rolla-UMR Metropolitan Literary Society and is not an official publication of the University of Missouri--Rolla.

Publication Date

Spring 1979



Southwinds Staff

Sue Feeney
Cynthia Callahan
Linda Ponzer
Faye Chapman
Bill Gillette
John Baudrexl
Pat Lizotte
Linda Marshall
Everett Williams
Allen McNece

Cover Design

Bill Gillette