Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Spring 1976


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Home by Michael D. Burns

The Sangre de Cristo Poems by Randy Barnes

Alchemical Lion by Eugene Warren

coming to by Y. T. Nichols

February 16& 17 by Linda Lee Webb

Sitting by Virgil Work Jr.

MAN and wife by Carol Nelson-Burns

Ruth by Howard Schwartz

Warning by G. Rickerd

East From Wescoe Terrace/Toward Jerusalem by Fred Goss

Vessels by Howard Schwartz

Town Square by Terry Bollinger

Facades by Dana S. Nau

fruit by Paul Johnson

Ms. Found in a Bottle by Pat Tibbits

Goin’ Back East by John Nelson

Sand Castles by Robert Gerson

Penzoil by Scott Price

transformations by Paul Johnson

How the Sun Lost his Territory by Chrysanthus Johnny Obot

Reflections by John Ladage Jr.

In the Chair by Steve Foltyn

Stirrings by Michael D. Burns

In answer to your prayer by Scott Price

A Strategic Advance…. by Jim Bogan

Slow Sonnet for Dawn by Eugene Warren

The Views of a Statue by Margaret Menamin

Nightskies by Steve Foltyn

from Grand Junction by John Morgan

Dreams of Unreality by Carol Nelson-Burns

Cafeteria Style by Ruth E. Feeney

Margaret Mirry by Eleanor Gonzales

Las Vegas by John Morgan

Simpah Zilbah by John Nelson

Lost: One Unicorn by Margaret Menamin

Shakespeare Mapped the Territory by Jon Langerak

Early Winter Blues by Richard W. McFall, Jr.

Letter from an Arizona Math Teacher by Eric Chaet

A Winter’s Tale by Jim Bogan


Southwinds is published by the Greater Rolla-UMR Literary Society and is not an official publication of the University of Missouri--Rolla.

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Spring 1976



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Marshall Koval
Liz Miller
Peter Price
Sam Rucker
Linda Webb

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Jim Bogan

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Bob Blaylock
Lynn Waggoner

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