Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

Southwinds: The Literary and Arts Magazine of Missouri S&T

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Southwinds - Spring 1974


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The Morning – Randy Barnes

Early Morning – Randy Barnes

Mother Nature – Dave Warfield

Happy Morning – Kathy Cannady

Blah Days -- Kathy Cannady

Retreat of the Eye -- Eric Chaet

Of Birds, Trees, River and Sun -- James Bogan

Kathy – Henry Berek

Untitled -- Diana Capen Beers

What would you say, my love? -- Stephen Doss

To A., L. T. -- Dave Warfield

Reflections Of -- Dave Warfield

Today -- Eugene Smith

Boston -- Henry Berek

Untitled -- Henry Berek

Emerging Youthful from Garbage -- Eric Chaet

Symphony#1 in W-Flat -- Eric Chaet

The Cardplayers -- Eugene Warren

Funky Attitude -- John Ervin

Newton -- Sandra Gale

Anatomy -- Tim Bradley

Untitled -- Dana S. Nau

Faustian Inner Dialogues, a play by Melissa Watson

What difference does it make when you're dead? -- Eugene Smith

Untitled -- T. Drechsler

Rocket Dive Ride

Poem To Be Read By The Light Of Burning Dictionaries -- Linda Webb

The World is Coming to a Beginning -- Carol Jean Lewis


Southwinds is a collection of artistic works from members of the University of Missouri--Rolla.

Note: this is not an official publication of the University of Missouri--Rolla.

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Spring 1974



Southwinds Staff

Carol Bartle
Kathy Cannady
Scott Harman
Scott Price
Ronnie Dean Widner

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