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Providing global access to the digital scholarly and cultural resources created by our campus community


Scholars’ Mine is the institutional repository for the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Scholars' Mine provides access to the digital scholarly and cultural resources created by the university community. This includes faculty papers, departmental publications, conference proceedings, graduate student works, and other scholarly material, as well as campus cultural and historical works.

This promotional material consist of a bi-fold brochure describing Scholars' Mine general services for:

  • Published Research,
  • Customizable Faculty Profiles,
  • Research Data,
  • Scholarly Journals, Books and Conference Proceedings,
  • Student Research and Creative Works, and
  • Teaching and Learning Resources.

Additional flyers serve to provide more details for each service area and can be viewed and downloaded as separate supplemental materials.



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Missouri University of Science and Technology

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01 Jun 2016

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ScholarsMine Digital Commons Flyer.pdf (1185 kB)
Scholars' Mine DigitalCommons Insert

ScholarsMine Selectedworks Flyer.pdf (928 kB)
Scholars' Mine SelectedWorks Insert

ScholarsMine Data Flyer.pdf (332 kB)
Scholars' Mine Research Data Insert

ScholarsMine Journals and Conference Flyer.pdf (451 kB)
Scholars' Mine Journals, Books and Conference Proceedings Insert

ScholarsMine Student Research Flyer.pdf (343 kB)
Scholars' Mine Student Research and Creative Works Insert