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Bespoke FRP Reinforcement for Optimized Concrete Structures


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10 Feb 2016


Presented by: Dr. Saverio Spadea Research Fellow University of Bath (UK), Visiting Fulbright Scholar University of Miami, College of Engineering Department of Civil, Arch. and Envoromental Engineering

With the goal of achieving sustainable design, being able to combine optimized geometries with durable construction materials is a major challenge for civil engineering. New research at the University of Bath and the University of Miami aims to solve these problems for the first time by completely replacing internal steel reinforcement in complex optimised concrete structures using a knitted cage made of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement. By fabricating the reinforcement in the desired geometry, it will be possible to provide the required strength exactly where needed, thereby reducing the amount of concrete required to resist internal forces and capitalising on the extraordinary possibilities offered by both concrete and FRP construction materials.

Bio: Dr Saverio Spadea is a Research Fellow in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, at the University of Bath (UK), where he is working on the EPSRC project "Knitting Bespoke Reinforcement for New Concrete Structures” (

Saverio's research expertise lies in combining experimental methods with theoretical mechanics and viewing structures as complex systems, comprising structural forms, various materials and being part of the environment. He has a strong research interest in all aspects of structural engineering, with particular focus on the use of innovative materials and new building techniques to reduce energy consumption involved in the construction process.

As Fulbright Scholar, he is currently visiting the University of Miami, where he is developing a productive collaboration with Dr. Antonio Nanni.


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