Digital technology has become an integral, if not overwhelming, part of many people’s lives. As the use and pervasiveness of technology has increased, the popularity of taking a sabbath from it has also increased. In this paper we ask if and how a technology fast assignment influences students’ lives beyond the classroom. Transformative learning, supported by active and experiential learning, suggests that in order for students to reap the greatest benefits of education, learning must influence perceptions and behavior outside of the class environment. In two semesters of “Human-Computer Interaction” classes, students were assigned a technology fast in which they recorded their experiences in reflective writings. We analyze all twenty-three students’ responses identifying recurring themes including transformations in preparing for, within, and due to the influence of the technology fast. These themes revealed that the technology fast assignment influenced both perceptions of and behavior related to technology within and beyond the classroom.


Psychological Science

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Human-Computer Interaction; Transformative Learning; Technology Fast

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30 Nov 2020