"Before going into the means employed for unwatering a mine, let us consider:--

I. The causes of Occurrence of water in Mines. The drainage of a mine is one of the operations, which, without contributing directly to the output is indispensible in carrying on the work.

By drainage we designate not only the means employed for preventing the influx of water into the workings, but also the means employed of getting rid of what inevitably finds its way into the workings in greater or less quantity.

The water in the mine obtains entrance in various ways.

Sometimes it merely filters down through the pores in the rock; especially in the case of alluvia, sand, more or less compact sandstone, and all pure sedimentary rocks, except clays, which have not been subjected to subsequent chemical or metamorphic action.

Sometimes the inflow of water is due to fissures caused by contraction or shrinkage after deposition; or by faulting of the area under consideration; or to subsidences, or cracks caused by the workings themselves.

The quantity of water which tends to infiltrate into a mine and the quantity which actually finds its way in, vary within very wide limits."


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