"The following designs are supposed to be made for the contracting department of a bridge shop or contracting firm, with a view of being submitted in competition. The competitors in the field of structural steel in this Western Territory are as numerous as in the East, though most of the shops are located there. There are small shops in St. L., Chicago, Minn., Milwaukee and points in Ind. and Ohio. The American Bridge Co. fabricates 60% of the structural steel now used in this country"--page 6.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Professional Degree in Civil Engineering


F. J. Kersting determined to be Felix John Kersting from "Forty-First Annual Catalogue. School of Mines and Metallurgy, University of Missouri".
Holograph [Handwritten and illustrated in entirety by author].


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Bridges -- Specifications -- Design and construction
Building, Iron and steel
Iron and steel bridges -- Design and construction

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T 74

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Plate_1.tif (59 kB)
Proposed 80' x 12' Riveted Span over Cow Creek, Butler Co. Mo.

Plate_2.tif (38 kB)
No. 1, Ground Plan of Rutger Street Plant

Plate_3.tif (69 kB)
No. 1a, Part Plan of Rutger Street Plant Showing Location of Aparatus and Piping

Plate_4.tif (140 kB)
Nos. 2 and 3, Cross Section Showing Retort Seting, Hydraulic Main and Accompanying Pipes; Perspective View of Fire Clay Retort

Plate_5.tif (67 kB)
No. 4, Vertical Cross Section of Roots' Gas Exhauster

Plate_6.tif (96 kB)
No. 5,, Elevation and Section of Multitublar Gas Condenser

Plate_7.tif (63 kB)
No. 6, Pelouze and Audouins Tar Extractor

Plate_8.tif (44 kB)
No. 7, Section of Chollar Washer

Plate_9.tif (79 kB)
No. 8, Elevation and Section of Tower Gas Scrubber

Plate_10.tif (56 kB)
No. 9, Standard Gas Washer Scrubber

Plate_11.tif (55 kB)
No. 10, Plan Elevation and Section of Street Plate Circular Purifier

Plate_12.tif (70 kB)
No. 11, Cross Section of Coal Gas Tar Separator