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Eads Ship Railway


"The construction of a canal to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans has been discussed since the discovery of the New World and the whole world has only been waiting until some feasible and economical plan should be offered by which this construction could be made.

The narrow neck of land lying between the continents of North America and South America seems especially adapted to this purpose and has for years tempted exploring parties thither to seek for a practicable canal route. Of late years however another scheme has been proposed which surpasses in magnitude and in economy as well, all the schemes hitherto brought forth for crossing the isthmus. This brilliant enterprise is familiar in a general way to almost every one who takes any interest whatever in the vast works by which natural obstacles to commerce or navigation are overcome, but the details of construction will be followed out in this treatise as closely as the information at hand will allow; for although Eads Ship Railway may not properly be included under the title of “Interoceanic Canal Projects,” yet it has for its object the surmounting of the same obstacle and hence must properly be treated of in this paper"--page 3-4.


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Eads Ship Railway