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In a world of constant growth and expansion, we are faced with the problem of overpopulation and therefore, a lack of resources. One of the most vital pieces to our survival is the consumption of necessary foods. In order to keep people fed, the food industry does its best to keep food affordable and plentiful, however with cheaper prices, as with any product, quality is lost. Fast food restaurants and grocery stores have resorted to selling food that is cheap, long lasting, and packaged. When someone is on a tight budget and know they need groceries, they will try and spend as little money as possible. This means they end up buying the convenience foods; the packaged stuff that will last. Ultimately, in this podcast we will discuss how food diversity in grocery stores has a major effect on their communities as well as the diversity of the people within the community. Using real world examples such as recorded interviews and articles as well as references from the book Outcasts United by Warren St. John, you will see just how relevant this problem is not only to the United States of America and to the community of Rolla, MO, but even you.


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English 1120: Schneider, Rachel M.


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22 Nov 2015

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