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Whaddya Know?


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Economic Mobility; Social Inequality; Feel It All Around; Washed Out; Money; Pink Floyd; Outcast United; Warren St John; The Measure Of Nation; Richard Reeves; Building A More Mobile America One Quintile At A Time; Shai Davidai; Thomas Gilovich boundless; Drake Started From The Bottom; Now We Here cha-ching; Cash; Poor; rich; Ladder; Financial; Chill; Laid Back; Star Wars


Welcome to the bi-weekly show of “Whaddya Know?” where we take information you might already know, and delve just a little bit deeper. This show is based off the research done by the hosts, but they are by no means experts. With that being said, the men of “Whaddya Know?” take passion and pride in their work. They back up their facts and research with relatable opinions based on the two’s individual psyche and personas making for an enjoyable quarter of an hour. The topics that were discussed include: social inequality and economic mobility. We took examples from Outcast United by Warren St. John and other articles that pertain to the ideas of culture fit and also the false sense of security in regards to the American Dream.


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English 1120: Exposition and Argumentation

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English 1120: Schneider, Rachel M.


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22 Nov 2015

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