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Real American Students


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Social Mobility; American dream; Education; Social decline; Economic decline


We are Real American Students talking about the real American issues. Our podcasts go over hot topics in America and more importantly how these topics affect you! In this edition of Real American Students Dominic, Matthew, and Michael are going to be taking a closer look at the decline of social and economic mobility within America. They will be trying to identify what the American dream is and how it has been affected by the declining social mobility. In order to do this Matthew, Michael and Dominic talk to foreign student Nader Zee to see how visible the decline in mobility is. They talk to political science professor, Dr. Michael E. Meagher, to find out why he describes the American dream as a “myth” and they also get some inspiring words from Ms. Sarah Steelman an economics professor and former politician. Do you agree with the American dream being a myth? Do you want to find out how the decline of social mobility could affect you in the next few years? Well you’ll just have to listen and find out!


English and Technical Communication

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English 1120: Exposition and Argumentation

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English 1120: Schneider, Rachel M.


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Missouri University of Science and Technology

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22 Nov 2015

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Missouri University of Science and Technology

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