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Joshua Eiswirth


In this paper, the possibility of using nuclear fusion as a primary energy producer will be analyzed. A brief overview of nuclear fusion is given as well as the drawbacks of nuclear fusion today. The human species, need to find a more abundant and renewable means to produce energy, because the non-renewable resources relied on today will be completely used up in as little a 100 years. Nuclear fusion, if perfected, offers a reliable and extremely abundant energy source. With commercial nuclear fusion plants more energy would be available than ever before. While no efficient fusion reactor design exists today, many steps are being taken towards efficient fusion and a few will be outlined in this research paper. The sources used come from accredited academic sites written by the organization as a whole or individual authors with degrees that pertain to the information collected. Nuclear fusion is often described as “always 15 years away”, but many innovations exist today that were often thought of as impossible. Any given day a breakthrough could occur in one of the many fields related to nuclear physics that serves as the missing piece to efficient fusion power generation.