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Graphene Valley


Silicon Valley in northern California is the proverbial hub of technological innovation and industry. Its namesake derives from the fact that silicon acts as the main component in modern electronics; however, a new material called graphene is challenging its role. In its early years of research, it was evident that the qualities of graphene far exceeded expectations. Industries are going mad trying to come up with applications and consumer products. While headway has been made, it is hard to say how long it will take to see products advertising their new graphene capabilities. Before touch screens or graphene-based microprocessors can become a reality, consumers must be ready to leave silicon behind. Will graphene become a defining substance in innovative technology? The answer lies in how willing society is to accept graphene as an electronically superior material. If the rise of this material continues, do not be surprised if “Graphene Valley” becomes the new home of technological start-up companies.