Manual-Tracked Datapoint


Manual-Tracked Datapoint


Download f10Hz-a0.2-2-Hexane-ratio4.5 (20 KB)

Download f20Hz-a0.2-2-Hexane-ratio4.5 (14 KB)

Download f30Hz-a0.2-2-Hexane-ratio4.5 (10 KB)

Download f40Hz-a0.2-2-Hexane-ratio4.5 (9 KB)

Download f50Hz-a0.2-2-Hexane-ratio4.5 (9 KB)


The manual-tracked data point (.pps format) files can be open in Microsoft Excel software. One can find seven column of data points in each file. ‘ImageNr.’ indicates the frame number for each video. ‘TimeFromTrig.’ is the time interval reference from the beginning of each recording process and the unit is second (s). ‘Absolute Time’ is the accurate 24-hour clock time (CST) and MM/DD/YY log when each frame is taken of each video. ‘X0’ and ‘X1’ are the horizontal motion displacements of upstream front meniscus and the marker in feet (ft), respectively. ‘Y0’ and ‘Y1’ are the vertical motion displacements of upstream front meniscus and the marker in feet (ft), respectively. During our data analysis, we only considered the horizontal displacements ‘X0’ and ‘X1’ while the point we chose can move vertically only in a small degree because the error raised by manual tracking. All data points were partially collected since we only needed several periods of vibration to compare with the theoretical results. More points from any interesting places in the video can be further manual or auto-tracked in the software. The number of data point in each file varies for different frequencies and acceleration amplitudes. Data points of at least three periods of vibration were collected to ensure a good comparison with theoretical results. We also upload two demo videos for the oscillation and mobilization processes to give a general concept of the vibration process in a constricted tube.

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Manual-Tracked Datapoint