I summarize the outcomes of my Spring of 2019 implementation of the zero-cost textbook option for English 3302 course as very successful while also noting certain areas in which improvement may be made in future iterations of the course. This report will proceed in three parts: I) an overview of the process by which I developed the materials for this course, II) discussion of outcomes for the methods of assessments (per my A&OER grant proposal), and III) a discussion of challenges that occurred during the semester and plans for improving course materials in the future.


English and Technical Communication


The following supplemental material is included for download is available below:

  • Syllabus
  • Final Project
  • Reading and Work Schedule

UM System A&OER Initiative Award Program

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01 Jan 2019

HEL_Syllabus--Sp2019.pdf (186 kB)
Course Syllalbus: History and Structure of the English Language

HEL_Final_Project--Sp2019.pdf (258 kB)
Final Project: History and Structure of the English Language

History_of_English-Reading_and_Work_Schedule.pdf (273 kB)
Reading and Work Schedule: History and Structure of the English Language