WAGES-Classroom is a board game and facilitated discussion that demonstrates how gender biases accumulate over time to negatively impact women in the workplace. The goal of WAGES-Classroom is to introduce students to core constructs regarding unconscious bias, social disparities, and intersectionality in a non-threatening way and to motivate action to address gender bias in everyday interactions and workplaces.

The files, available for download below, are for a classroom activity (WAGES-Classroom) and include the following:

  • WAGES Game Board
  • WAGES Game Cards (Green Team)
  • WAGES Game Cards (Yellow Team)
  • WAGES Instructor Guide
  • Research Evidence for Cards
  • WAGES PowerPoint Presentation


Psychological Science


These files are intended to be freely accessible for download by instructors who wish to administer WAGES-Classroom in their classroom.

Please note that the game cards are large files and may take more time to download.

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WAGES_Game_Board.pdf (783 kB)
WAGES Game Board

WAGES_Game_Cards-Green_Team.pdf (37978 kB)
WAGES Game Cards (Green Team)

WAGES_Game_Cards-Yellow_Team.pdf (53130 kB)
WAGES Game Cards (Yellow Team)

WAGES_Instructor_Guide.pdf (1230 kB)
WAGES Instructor Guide

Research_Evidence_for_Cards.xlsx (291 kB)
Research Evidence for Cards

WAGES_PowerPoint_Presentation.pptx (2566 kB)
WAGES PowerPoint Presentation