Computer-Based Teaching and Assessment in Topics on Basic Physics


This paper describes an experience in computer-based teaching and assessment in three topics in basic physics. A module is developed for each topic using the Authorware courseware authoring tool. The first module is on fundamental particles, the second on binding energy, and the third on atom density calculation. These modules are also installed on the web. Each module has four components: 1) definition, 2) example, 3) review questions, and 4) quiz. Students can see their performance on review questions interactively and have the option to repeat them, and receive on-line feedback on their score. Similarly, their performance on a quiz is evaluated on-line and feedback is provided to them. In addition, their score on each quiz as well as the time they spent taking the quiz are sent back to the instructor and stored in a permanent file. The courseware provides an overall assessment, in graphical format, of the average performance of all students who took a quiz, as well as each individual student's performance. These modules are taught as supplementary part s of a course in Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Missouri-Rolla Nuclear Engineering Department. The experience has been positive with more than 80% of the students supporting the value of the interactive and self-pace learning of these modules.


Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science

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01 Dec 1998

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