Transient Response of a Natural Convection System


Transient response of a natural convection system is investigated by numerical simulation using FLUENT code. An Integrator Circuit analogy was recently proposed for natural convection system. The proposed analogy was further confirmed by these recent simulations. New simulation results also suggest that a natural convection system acts as a "Low Pass" filter for transients. Transmission/attenuation characteristics of natural convection system were investigated using a sinusoidal temperature at the source side boundary. Transient transmission/attenuation factor was found to be a function of both fluid properties and the flow characteristics. Transmission/attenuation factor was also found to be a strong function of fluctuation frequency. These results may prove a significant design tool for Gen IV natural convection system particularly for LFR.

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American Nuclear Society Embedded Topical Meeting - 2006 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants, ICAPP'06


Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science


American Nuclear Society (ANS)
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01 Jan 2006

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