Preparation of Inorganic Compounds At Near Room Temperature by the Direct Conversion of Borate Glass in Solutions of the Corresponding Anions


The preparation of alkaline-earth chromate, selenite, and stannate compounds at near room temperature by the direct conversion of borate glass in aqueous solutions of the corresponding anions was investigated. Borate glass particles (150-300 μm) with the composition 20Na 2O. 20CaO. 60B 2O 3 or 20Na 2O. 20BaO. 60B 2O 3 (mol%) were prepared by conventional methods and immersed in dilute solutions of K 2CrO 4, K 2SeO 3, or K 2SnO 3 at 37°C. The conversion of the glasses was monitored using weight loss and pH measurements, while X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray fluorescence, and scanning electron microscopy were used to characterize the structure and composition of the products. After a reaction for 140-320 h, porous crystalline products identified by XRD as CaSeO 3.H 2O, CaSnO 3.3H 2O, BaCrO 4, and BaSeO 3 were obtained. The conversion of fibers (0.5-1.0 mm in diameter) of the Na 2O-BaO-B 2O 3 glass in K 2CrO 4 solution was pseudomorphic. The kinetics and mechanisms of the conversion process, as well as the structure of the products, are discussed.


Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science

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Materials Science and Engineering

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Alkaline earths; Aqueous solutions; Borate glass; Conventional methods; Conversion process; Dilute solutions; Direct conversions; Kinetics and mechanisms; Ph measurements; Room temperatures; Stannate; Weight loss; X-ray diffractions; X-ray fluorescences; XRD

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01 Jul 2008