Development of Impedance Void Meter for Evaluation of Flow Symmetry


Often it is useful or even necessary to know whether the void fraction is evenly distributed in two-phase flows. In industrial systems, unevenly distributed flows can be a factor in vibrations and other undesirable occurrences. In bubble column chemical reactors, uneven distribution of the void can result in reduced reaction efficiency. In experiments, it is often desirable to have symmetrically distributed void for local measurements since this allows for more rapid data collection. Current systems for determining the symmetry of the void distribution in distributed flows either suffer from very long measurement time requirements or cause significant disturbances to the flow. To address the need for approximate evaluation of flow symmetry without causing excessive disturbance to the flow, a new impedance void meter design has been developed and tested under a variety of conditions. The ability of the new design to evaluate the void distribution symmetry has been tested through comparison with conductivity probe measurements of local void fraction, and the accuracy of the impedance meter has been verified through comparison with the conductivity probe measurements and with typical impedance void meter measurements. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science

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Impedance Meter; Symmetry; Void Fraction

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01 Jan 2014