Hybrid Virtual Prototype for Analyzing Cable Shovel Component Stress


In this paper a hybrid virtual prototype is developed for analyzing the stress applied on cable shovel components by integrating flexible bodies into rigid multi-body model. The general mechanical system of the cable shovel is modeled as a seven-bar linkage with four degrees of freedom. The relevant theories applied for the dynamic model are described in terms of Lagrangian dynamics equation. The flexible body stress related to the body deformation is obtained by the dynamic equilibrium equation for a structural component based on the finite element method. A P&H 4100A cable shovel is used to validate the hybrid virtual prototype by loading the motions and loads on the model. Von Mises stress distributions of the boom, handle, hoist rope and sheave are visualized during cable shovel operation 3 sec. The results show that a high stress field is around the hoist rope. The maximum stress of 313.31 MPa occurs at node 441. by comparing the simulation results with reliability analysis results, the former is found to match well with the latter. Attention of this study is devoted to the mechanisms of damage of the cable shovel and also the critical high stress areas.


Mining Engineering

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Cable Shovel; Component Mode Synthesis; Stress Visualization; Virtual Prototype; Von Mises Stress

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16 Mar 2007