Analyses and Applications of Pressure, Flow Rate, and Temperature Measurements During a Perforating Run


Perforating technology has undergone significant advances during the last decade. Tubing-conveyed perforating, under-balanced perforating, high-shot-density guns, better shaped charges, and improved gun systems have contributed to safer operations and improved productivity of the perforated completions. A recent development described in this paper is a perforating tool that makes real-time downhole measurements [including pressure, flow rate, temperature, gamma ray, casing-collar locator (CCL), and cable tension] during a perforating run and can selectively fire a number of guns at different depths or times. In addition to providing better control of the perforating process, the simultaneous downhole measurements can provide in a single trip a production log, conventional well tests before and after perforating, and a fill-up or slug test soon after perforating for underbalanced conditions. Thus, the completion can be evaluated in real time and any needed remedial reperforating can be performed while the gun is still in the hole. Other applications include limited-entry perforating, monitoring of bottomhole pressure (BHP) during minifracture jobs, better depth control with a gamma ray detector, fluid-level monitoring, and underbalance control. The applications of these measurements, with field data obtained with the Measurement While Perforating (MWPSM) tool, are the subject of this paper. Examples show the capabilities and the versatility of the MWP tool.


Mining Engineering

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01 Jan 1991