Use of Real-Time Surveillance Data for Reservoir Management in a Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir


Field, J. E. and Corney, N. S.


This paper demonstrates the value of collecting and interpreting real-time data for reservoir surveillance. We present three examples of real-time data acquisition and interpretation. The first example shows how formation pressure while drilling (FPWD) data provides permeability quantification for placement of a horizontal lateral. Initial performance of the pilot injector confirmed optimum placement of the well demonstrating value of information (VOI) from real-time data acquisition. In addition, pressure data helped in understanding the pressure distribution along the lateral due to support from a nearby gas injector and also in adjustment of mud parameters for drilling. The second example highlights the use of downhole fluid analysis (DFA) to confirm gas breakthrough detected earlier by open hole logs, to estimate gas oil ratio of the producer and help selection of fluid sampling point. Integrated analysis of logs, modular formation-dynamics tester (MDT) pressures, DFA results, flow test data and subsequent PVT analysis of oil provided indication of complex gas movement from injector to producer and provided insight on vertical sweep of gas. The third example demonstrates the use of permanent downhole gauges (PDHG) data for real-time performance monitoring of a maximum reservoir contact (MRC) well. Results of the analysis show clear evidence of voidage balance from nearby MRC injector and underscore the feasibility of field development with water injection in a lower permeability area. Combining the effective well length derived from production logging tool (PLT) data, the example also illustrates pressure /rate deconvolution analysis to determine permeability and skin. Additionally, rate-transient analysis (RTA) is done using rate and high-frequency long-term pressure data to compute permeability, skin and drainage area of the well. Copyright 2012, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference 2012 - Sustainable Energy Growth: People, Responsibility, and Innovation, ADIPEC 2012 (2012: Nov. 11-14, Abu Dhabi, UAE)


Mining Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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14 Nov 2012