Frontier Research in Dynamic Control, Vision and Collision Avoidance for Truck Haulage


The creation and maintenance of a healthy working environment in surface mining operations require sustained efforts in pursuing advanced research initiatives toward the development and deployment of powered haulage technologies. This paper contains progress summary on a frontier research in truck dynamic control, vision and collision avoidance. This research is required to provide solutions to challenging problems regarding operator visibility in truck haulage in a surface mining environment. The paper focuses on truck control kinematics and dynamics, truck-haul road interactions, intelligent truck sensing, intelligent truck collision avoidance system, integrated system for situational awareness, augmented visualization and operator interface, and field testing and error variance modeling of developed technologies. A sensor suite of four subsystems, including front-side stereo-camera, front-side Doppler radar, close range sonar proximity sensors, and rear-side camera system have been recommended for developing a 360° truck operator vision to allow safe operations. This research initiative is significant because it will provide a strong basis for developing technologies to improve truck haulage safety in surface mines and construction sites.


Mining Engineering

Second Department

Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Collision Avoidance; Healthy Working Environment; Surface Mining Operations

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2007