Application of Three-Phase Foam in Extinguishing Spontaneous Combustion of Coal


In underground coal mining, one of the biggest challenges is spontaneous combustion, which will not only present safety hazards but result in reserve losses as a result of burnt coal. The released heat coupled with other combustible gases commonly encountered underground will significantly increase the risk of explosion. In this paper, three-phase foam as an environment-friendly fire fighting agent composed of nitrogen, water and fry ash is introduced. The nitrogen facilitates inertization of the fire zone; the water helps cool down the fire and the fly ash can closely cover the coal to isolate the oxygen. What's more, the fry ash and the foaming agent are good free radical absorption. The comprehensive merits mentioned above make three-phase foam quite effective in quenching spontaneous combustion. Experiments indicate that three-phase foam can significantly slow down the temperature rise of coal during oxidation. The comparison between slurry and three-phase foam shows that the latter one is capable of flowing upward in the porous media so as to extinguish the high-point fire and concealed fire.

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SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit and CMA 113th National Western Mining Conference 2011


Mining Engineering

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01 Jan 2011

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