What Can We Expect to Find in Underground DPM Ambient Monitoring


Diesel Particulate Matter issues are very high profile currently in underground mines world wide. Real time DPM monitors are becoming available which allow understanding of the sources of unhealthy levels of DPM pollution in underground activities. They allow engineering evaluations to determine how conditions can be improved or mining personnel removed from areas of high concentration. Studies are discussed that examine DPM concentrations from vehicles under varying ventilation conditions. The use of Tag boards to restrict or control vehicles from entry to particular areas is examined. The relationship between respirable dust and DPM loadings in mine intake airways is investigated. The DPM monitoring approaches that have been available for some time based on shift average monitoring did not readily allow successful engineering evaluation exercises to determine acceptability of pollution levels. Real time monitoring readily allows engineering evaluation exercises to be undertaken. The outcomes of various studies have demonstrated that the mining industry has access to an enhanced tool for understanding the mine atmosphere in the presence of DPM. Real time DPM monitoring allows the industry to pin-point high exposure zones such as those encountered in coal longwall face moves where various vehicles work in areas of constrained or difficult ventilation. Identification of high DPM concentration zones allows efficient modification of mine ventilation, operator positioning and other work practices to reduce underground miners' exposures. Overview of this broad group of topics contributes to an understanding of the question “what can we expect to find in underground DPM ambient monitoring”.


Mining Engineering


Australian Coal Association Research Program
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

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DPM Monitors; DPM Pollution; Diesel Particulate Matter

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01 Oct 2008

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