People and Technology Creating Step by Step Mine Ventilation Improvements - an Australian Perspective


Stewart Gillies, Director, Gillies Wu Mining Technology Pty Ltd, The Minserve Group, Taringa, QLD, has offered his views on the role played by people and technology in improving mine ventilation and mine atmosphere control in Australia. Computer simulation of heat and refrigeration influence is commonly used in mining atmosphere, while fire simulation software is now available in an operational useable form with Windows format and graphical interfaces. Generalized use of methane drainage during mining is also an accepted production practice in a large number of Australian coal mines. The Australian coal mines further expects the inclusion of telemetric systems in all mines, monitoring, controlling, and ensuring the safety of all ventilated areas. Automatic and remote response systems for regulation and control of fan pressure and quantity, airflow direction, regular response, and air door operation are also expected to be incorporated in the Australian mines in the future.


Mining Engineering

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01 Jan 2006

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