Use of High Pressure Water Jets to Wash Out Explosives


Procedures are described for testing the sensitivity of plasticbonded explosive to water jet impact. The ultimate objective is to develop a safe procedure for cleaning missiles and shell casings of the contained explosive. As an initial stage in the process, the sensitivity of the explosive to impact was studied. Eleven explosive types were subjected to interrupted water jet impact at a pump pressure of 175 MPa. Flow rates of 20 and 80 ltmin were used in this program. The results were evaluated and a second phase of the program to determine the actual pressure required for washout was carried out. Conclusions of the study were that the explosive could be washed-out by water jets with, normally, a sufficient margin of safety that impact initiation would be unlikely. INTRODUCTION In 1982 the Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center of the University of Missouri-Rolla undertook a program of research for the Naval Weapons Support Center in Crane, Indiana.

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6th International Conference on Erosion by Liquid and Solid Impact.


Mining Engineering


United States. Army
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Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, Hamps, Engl
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01 Jan 1983

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