Texturing Surfaces to Generate Artistic Models


The use of waterjets as a tool to create artistic shapes has been known for some years, from the basic shapes such as the Stonehenge on our campus that was cut with high pressure alone, to the more intricate shapes, in materials such as glass and metal that have been developed using abrasive waterjets. Initially much of the work was achieved in purely two dimensions; however, by cutting and folding metal it is possible to generate additional artwork that has found some appeal. In cutting metal shapes, it is also possible, by texturing or rusting the surface to add value to the final product. Texturing can be achieved either with conventional sand blasting or with plain water at pressures up to 140 MPa. At these pressures, it becomes possible to remove surface layers of metal, so that with multiple passes photographs may be transferred to the metal surface achieving a more advanced and detailed picture on the surface, and taking the texturing of that surface to a new level of detail. © BHR Group 2010.

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20th International Conference on Water Jetting


Mining Engineering


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01 Jan 2010

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