The Increasing Acceptance of Fly-In Fly-Out Within the Australian Mining Industry


Australia wide, over 40 Fly-in Fly-out mining operations and other forms of Long Distance Commuting now exist, with coverage of about 5000 employees. The substantial majority of these operations are in Western Australia, with some mines also located in Queensland and the Northern Territory. In recent years new large scale mining operations have adopted the Fly-in Fly-out approach and it is important to note that no new mining towns have been constructed in Australia since the township of Roxby Downs was built in the late 1980s to service the Olympic Dam mine. An examination of Fly-in Fly-out mining operations in Australia has been undertaken. A detailed survey undertaken in 1990 has been reviewed and another intensive survey undertaken to establish emerging trends. Results from both company and individual employees point of view have been analysed. A section examines the views of professional employees and the influence of Fly-in Fly-out on career development. Bus-in Bus-out coal mining operations are emerging in Queensland's Bowen Basin. These operations commute their employees into the mine site for compressed working schedules whilst the mine employees' families are domiciled in regional cities such as Mackay. A review of the issues associated with the development of long distance commute coal mining operations in Queensland's Bowen Basin is performed and two case studies examined.


Mining Engineering

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Fly-In Fly-Out Mining Operations; Large Scale Mining Operations; Long Distance Commuting

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Mar 1997

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