Non-Destructive Testing of In Situ Underground Mine Seals: Preliminary GPR Assessment


Both the prior research and testing,as well as these preliminary test results presented herein,Indicate the potential and limitations for using GPR technology to resolve features in mine seals. The off-the-shelf GPR systems obtained for testing ranged in frequency from 200 MHz to 1,600 MHz and provided resolution on a portion of the anomalous features present in the test specimens. Features that were resolved during the preliminary tests need to be further analyzed to determine if the depth of penetration represented in the graphical displays is accurate. If variances in the actual feature location and indicated depth from the GPR data are discovered then additional research and testing will be required to determine the appropriate equipment calibrations. The full array of scan data will require additional analysis to determine if other anomalous features intentionally incorporated into the test samples can be resolved. The data will also be examined to see if features appear in multiple scans. The data will be Investigated to determine the depth of usable information that is being recorded and if the opposite side of the scanned surface can be resolved. Additional test specimens and GPR testing will be planned as required to further determine if existing GPR equipment can readily be used to determine the integrity of In-sltu underground mine seals. The additional testing Is expected to occur during the spring of 2014 and the project will terminate in September 2014.

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2014 SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit, SME 2014: Leadership in Uncertain Times (2014: Salt Lake City, UT)


Mining Engineering

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Nondestructive Examination; Feature Location; Graphical Displays; Mine Seals; Non Destructive Testing; Scan Data; Test Samples; Test Specimens; Underground Mine; Underground Equipment

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01 Jan 2014

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