Mining Through H₂S Seam Gas Zones in Underground Coal Mines


Hydrogen Sulphide (H₂S) has been encountered in several collieries in the Bowen Basin coal reserves located in Central Queensland, Australia. Significant occurrences have been found in the underground workings at Collinsville No 2 Mine, Oaky Creek No 1 Mine and Southern Colliery. Longwall panels at Oaky Creek and Southern Colliery have recently mined through H₂S zones, and mining will intersect more H₂S zones in the next few years. The release of up to 40 litres of H₂S per tonne of coal mined was predicted from the Southern Colliery panel and mining produced levels of up to 200ppm of H₂S in the return roadway from the longwall. This paper details the experiences associated with mining through these H₂S zones and the methods used to detect and predict its existence. It outlines safe working procedures and monitoring approaches undertaken. The paper provides an overview of research directions pertinent to the reduction and control of H₂S in coal.


Mining Engineering

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Coal Mines; Hydrogen Sulphide; Longwall Panels

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 May 1998

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