Review of Waterjet Excavation Research


For five thousand years, from a thousand years before the first Stonehenge was constructed, rock has been cut and drilled with the mechanical impact of a hard, often blunt, tool. The physical crushing and chipping of the rock which occurs during impact consumes a considerable amount of energy. This mechanical cutting has, in recent years, appeared to be approaching an asymptote, as improvements in technique no longer give dramatic advances in performance. Waterjet cutting, however, which has been used to carve this new Stonehenge, is only in its infancy. The technology is only just beginning to find commercial application in industry for the cutting of such items as leather, cardboard, and food products. And it is only within the last year or so that it has been accepted for use in cutting rock. It is pertinent to review the growing pains of this new industry and to evaluate its current position as we move forward into its growth years.

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26th US Symposium on Rock Mechanics, Research & Engineering Applications in Rock Masses


Mining Engineering


J. F. T. Agapito & Associates, Grand Junction, CO, USA
American Mine Services Inc, USA
Atlas Copco Roctec Inc
AIME, Black Hills Section, SD, USA
Boart Hardmetals Inc
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01 Jan 1985

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