A method for creating ultra-fine particles of material using a high-pressure mill is described. The method includes placing a material in a first chamber and subjecting the material to a high-pressure fluid jet to divide it into particles. These particles are then transferred to a second chamber in which they are subjected to cavitation to further divide the particles into relatively smaller particles. These relatively smaller particles are then transferred to a third chamber, in which the particles collide with a collider to still further divide them into ultra-fine particles of the material. The mill of the present invention includes a first chamber having an high-pressure liquid jet nozzle, first and second slurry nozzles, a second cavitation chamber and a third chamber which houses a collider. In one embodiment, the slurry nozzle has an inner surface and sharp edges that project slightly out from the inner surface. Sensors may be located throughout the mill to collect data on the comminution process and to use the data to control the resultant particle size. The product size of the ultra-fine particles made according to the mill of the present invention are preferably less than 15 microns. Further, the particles produced using the mill of the present invention are formed as flakes or platelets which have been broken along nature planes in the material.


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01 Jan 2004