Analytical Study of Investment Casting with Webbed Epoxy Patterns


Lavine, A. S. and Chandra U. and Chen M. M. and Crowe, C. T. and Fritsching, U.


We describe in this paper a finite element analysis (FEA) study to analyze the stresses in the ceramic shells and epoxy patterns that are induced by the thermal expansion of the patterns in investment casting. Because it is computationally prohibitive to perform FEA of the stresses due to the thermal expansion of a complex pattern with an internal web structure, we devise a method which replaces the effect of the internal web structure by a set of forces exerting on the skin of the pattern. These forces are simply estimated from the web geometry and the heating temperature. The validity of this method is verified by comparing the FEA results using this technique and the FEA results obtained with exact web structure patterns. Also discussed are the effect of web geometry and location on thermal stresses and buckling of the web structure.

Meeting Name

1996 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Buckling; Epoxy Resins; Finite Element Method; Stresses; Thermal Expansion; Thermal Stress

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Article - Conference proceedings

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Publication Date

01 Jan 1996

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