Shell Structures and Climatic Influences


Following is the continuation of the list of titles and authors of papers presented: Nonlinear Buckling Analysis of Sandwich Shells. By P. Sharifi and E. P. Popov. Analysis of Snow Load on Lightweight Structures, such as Shells and Folded Structures, in Various Heights, especially in Alpine Regions. By R. J. Krapfenbauer. Thawing and Freezing of a Finite Ice Wall. By J. L. S. Chen. Non-Uniform Snow Loads on Single and Multiple Cylindrical Shells. By Y. M. Giroux, M. M. Abdin, and G. S. Dhatt. Voiles Autoportants et Rayonnement Solaire. By P. Conil. Large Elastic Deformations of a Closed Axisymmetric Membrane Simultaneously Inflated by a Gas and a Liquid. By X. J. R. Avula and O. Ural. Nonlinear Response of a General Inflatable Shell to In-Service Loads. By C. T. Li and J. W. Leonard. Large Deformations of a Toroidal Membrane by Incremental Loading. By T. J. Boedecker and G. A. Wempner.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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14 Apr 2014

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