Due to the high cost, complex preparation process and difficulty in structural design, the traditional methods for carbon fiber reinforced SiC ceramic composite preparation have great limitations. This paper presents a technique for the additive manufacturing multiple continuous carbon fiber bundle-reinforced SiC ceramic composite with core-shell structure using an extrusion-based technique. A conventional nozzle system was modified to print simultaneously a water based SiC paste with continuous carbon fibers. Different levels of binder contents were investigated to optimize the stickiness, viscosity, thixotropy and viscoelasticity of the paste. After sintering, SiC whiskers were generated on the surface of fiber, which is conjectured to be due to the reaction between SiO and carbon fiber at high temperature. The continuous carbon fiber reinforced SiC ceramic composite exhibited non-brittle fracture. The flexural strength of the additively manufactured Cf/SiC composites improved from 162 MPa with no fiber bundles to a maximum of 219 MPa with three fiber bundles.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Materials Science and Engineering


U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Grant NRC 31310018M0044

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Additive manufacturing; Core-shell structure; Extrusion-based technique; Multiple continuous fiber bundle reinforcement; SiC ceramic

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01 Jan 2022