This project focused on the design and production of metallic bipolar plates for use in PEM fuel cells. Different metals were explored and stainless steel was found out to be best suited to our purpose. Following the selection of metal, it was calculated that to produce 0.7 W of power, the bipolar plate should have an active surface of 25cm2. The bipolar plates were designed with different flow field patterns and manufactured. Different flow field patterns that were used were the straight design, serpentine, multiple serpentine, pintype, interdigitated design and other custom designs. These plates were then assembled along with MEA, gaskets and the end-clamp plates to construct a single-cell PEMFC which was then tested on a fuel cell test station. Different prototypes were designed with respect to the bipolar plates and the end plates to improve sealing and fuel cell performance. Appropriate loading was done on the single fuel cell to obtain the required power from the fuel cell.


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Fuel Cell; Electrochemical Device; Metallic Bipolar Plate

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