Generating Focused 3D Perfect Vortex Beams by Plasmonic Metasurfaces


Perfect vortex (PV) beams possessing annular intensity profiles independent of topological charges promise significant advances in particle manipulation, fiber communication, and quantum optics. The PV beam is typically generated from the Fourier transformation of the Bessel–Gauss beam. However, the conventional method to produce PV beams requires a series of bulky optical components, which greatly increases the system complexity and also hinders the photonic device integration. Here, plasmonic metasurfaces made of rectangular-hole nanoantennas as integrated beam converters are designed and demonstrated to generate focused 3D PV beams in a broad wavelength range, by combining the phase profiles of axicon, spiral phase plate, and Fourier transform lens simultaneously based on the Pancharatnam–Berry phase. It is demonstrated that the PV beam structures can be adjusted by varying several control parameters in the metasurface design. Moreover, multiple PV beams with arbitrary arrangement and topological charges are also produced. These results have the promising potential for enabling new types of compact optical devices for tailoring complex light beams and advancing metasurface-based functional integrated photonic chips.


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The authors acknowledge support from the Office of Naval Research under Grant No. N00014-16-1-2408, and the National Science Foundation under Grant No. ECCS-1653032 and DMR-1552871. The authors thank the facility support from the Materials Research Center at Missouri S&T.

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Fruits; Photonic devices; Plasmonics; Plasmons; Quantum optics; Topology; Vortex flow; Berry phase; Fiber communications; Fourier transform lens; Fourier transformations; Integrated photonics; Metasurfaces; Orbital angular momentum; Particle manipulation; Fourier transforms; Pancharatnam-Berry phase; Perfect vortex; Plasmonic antennas

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01 Feb 2018